Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beginning Sophie

I don't know how I missed the Sophie's Universe crochet-along last year, but I caught it in Ravelry's 2015 pattern roundup and fell in love. I knew I needed to make it, and soon.

A friend of mine from law school has just moved into her first purchased condo, and she has also had a rough few years generally, so I decided to make it for her. (I already asked her, so she knows this is coming.) If I like making it, I might do one for myself, too.

I ordered the bright yarn for the small blanket, although I like the colors for the medium one, also. I received the yarn yesterday and thought that the palette was a little pastel rather than bright, so I was worried it wouldn't come out as vivid as the sample on the pattern page. 

But now that I've got a few rows down, I can see that the colors, when placed next to each other, intensify themselves. Here is part 1:

I'm going to post photos as I work on this blanket, which I'm really happy with already! (OK, that doesn't look much like a blanket. In fact, it's teeny tiny. But it's a start.)

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