Monday, December 07, 2015

Santa Speedo Run

This weekend I participated for the first time in the Santa Speedo Run, a brief (no pun intended) charity run in Boystown that benefits the Center on Halsted

Shannon has been wanting to participate in this race for a while and didn't know anyone who would run it with her. I said sure - I have no shame!

I knew the event would feature tons of hot gay dudes in speedos, but it really did surpass even my expectations. The general state of muscles in the room made me want to up my workout game. I also made a mental note to buy glitter for next year, because there were glitter beards, glitter bods, etc.

My friend Shannon and I sat on hot Santa's lap, and I didn't notice until later that hot Santa got a little fresh with his hand there.

The event was the reason I made the candy cane cowls a few weeks ago, and I think they went well with our hats and skivvies. Here's us at the start of the race:

The one-mile loop began and ended at Sidetrack, the famous Boystown bar. We ran past random people, cheering people, people with children, people at a wedding... Thank goodness it was relatively warm out for December!

Here's us at the end. I'm not sure if our pace was slow or what, but we were in front of a huge line of dudes and, as Shannon's friend put it, it looks like we're the grand marshalls of the gayest Christmas parade that ever happened.

Everyone keeps telling me I was brave to run it, but from my point of view, there is literally no reason not to do a mostly naked charity run in Boystown. It was a great cause, and definitely some laughs. (We were laughing so hard that it was sometimes hard to run.)

See you next year, with glitter on.

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