Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Tale of Three Dishcloths

As a knitter / crocheter who likes to cook (and sort of likes to clean), you had better believe that I knit my own dishcloths. Recently my husband told me that I don't change the dishcloth in the sink frequently enough between washes, and then one of my cloths got a broken string, so I decided I needed to beef up my stash. All of these were done with the same skein of yarn, Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Nautical (in "Ahoy!" - is that really a color??).

First up were two patterns I'd flagged as free offerings from Knit Picks. The Checks and Eyelets cloth is designed to be a face cloth, but I think it works for dishes, too. 

I'd always wanted to do a basketweave-type knitting pattern, and this one was fun and knitted up quickly.

Next up was the second free Knit Picks pattern, Campfire. This was one of the most interesting new patterns I've done in years. You slip 5 stitches with the yarn in front to make a huge bar, and then you knit the third stitch so that it stretches the bar upwards. It turned out really awesome and I could see making a scarf or blanket out of this pattern, since it doesn't curl at all.

And finally, the simplest of them all: classic diagonal dishcloth

This is one of those classic patterns that looks so simple and I've always wanted to do, so I finally did it. It took me about 2.5 hours total! Not too shabby.

And now I have a bunch more dishcloths to use - and hopefully wash more frequently. Too bad they will never look this pretty again!

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