Monday, June 22, 2015

Do it for Dad week

As longtime readers of this blog are aware, my dad passed away from leukemia complications in 2012. Mother's and Father's Day are a blessing and a curse for people who have lost a parent. On the one hand, you see everyone is getting to spend time with their parents, which you want to do desperately but can't. On the other, just like anyone else, you can take some time to appreciate the parent that you had, even if they are not here to celebrate with you anymore.

In that vein, I thought this week I would mindfully take time to do things that would make him proud. I called it Do it for Dad week, and here's the run-down of my schedule:

Monday, June 15

Enjoyed beer and food at a friend's place. Lots of good conversation and laughs.

Tuesday, June 16

I took myself on a date to the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette, which is just north of where I work in Evanston.

I have seen the temple before, but I have never taken a walk on the grounds, nor have I been inside. Dad was really into cool architecture and would have liked this place. (He drove all over Chicagoland for work, so I'm sure he's seen it before, although I never asked.)

Being in the temple really made me want to get more serious about my meditation practice. It was a very cool afternoon.  

Wednesday, June 17

On Wednesday I got to do something that I knew Dad would be proud of: watching softball, drinking Miller High Life, and grilling MEAT.

I had been thinking that one thing Dad would be really happy for me to do would be to grill some meat, but without a grill set-up at my house, I wasn't sure how I was going to check this off of my list. This opportunity was presented at my home brew buddies' softball game, where I served as grillmaster while they finished their game. It was glorious, and the High Life was not too utterly terrible.

Thursday, June 18

On this day, I finished the turtle cozy that I posted about in my last entry. Dad would be proud I was doing something weird, and something creative, and something for an animal. 

Friday, June 19

This was my first home brew competition! I was just starting to get Dad into craft beer and my home brewed beer when he passed away, so I think he would appreciate how far down the rabbit hole I've gone.

I didn't win the competition, but I had a great time pouring my beer and getting feedback from the general public. 

Saturday, June 20:  

I continued my streak of listening to Dad's favorite music with Jethro Tull, They Might be Giants, and others. I also got my car fixed, which is something I've been putting off but which Dad would have told me to get done.

Sunday, June 21 (Father's Day):

I ran my first 5K since April, and I beat my old time! I finished this race in 32 minutes and 41 seconds.

Sure, Dad was not a runner, but he would be happy I am trying to keep fit and that I am improving my running skills. Also, this run was in a forest preserve, and he loved hiking and spending time in green spaces, so I know he would have been proud.

One thing I didn't get to during Do it for Dad week is to put air in my bike tires and go for a ride. He was big on bike riding and I wish I had gotten it together to do it on Saturday before it started raining. I'm going to try to do it this week so that I am ready to ride periodically this summer.

I think I am definitely going to make Do it for Dad week an annual thing. I know I do stuff that he loved all the time, but it is nice to be deliberate about this kind of tribute.


Sara Sherman said...

I do things Dad loved to do as well, only, not as deliberate as you, but, by necessity. I fix/repair things, paint, redo small things, and have small projects going all the time in Hobart. (Not that all of his projects were small, but, small is all I can handle). I understand now one of the reasons he did home repairs and always had projects going. (Main reason is you have to perform home maintenance all the time). He loved the feeling of accomplishment, and "I did/made/built that".
I only ride his bike (when I ride, I need to ride it more). He loved that bike. And yes, I fill the tires all the time, as he did.

Valerie said...

Thanks, Mom. I did end up taking that bike ride, and another one on Saturday.