Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yarn stuff in 2015

Finished some projects I'd like to post!

First off is a warm winter cowl in bulky yarn purchased in West Virginia over Christmas! My mother in law enjoys getting me yarn presents.

I probably made it a BIT too big, but I'm hoping it'll lose its rigidity as I wear it more.

Next up is a crocheted space shuttle I'm really proud of:

NASA logo and USA flag included!

I made that one for a homebrew club buddy who is expecting his first child with his wife. Ostensibly, the shuttle is for the baby, but we all know who'll be playing with it first.

Last up is a gorgeous cowl I'm knitting up with some very soft, very fine cashmere yarn. It's not done yet, but I just wanted to post a photo anyway.

I love the color, and I can't wait until it's done. I think it's light enough that it would be a year-round cowl, as well.

Happy Valentine's Day, I hope you are staying warm and happy.

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