Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer in the City

I have been up to some fun summer activities so far this year!

Most recently was Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana. I ate tons of pierogi, some traditional (sauerkraut, potato, cheese) and some non-traditional (buffalo chicken, mac & cheese, and chorizo). 

It got a little warm, so I stopped by the Three Floyds brew pub on the way home. I sat at the bar by myself and chatted up the guy next to me who was passing through Chicago for some brewing training. He worked for Great Lakes Brewing Company in Ohio and just got a job with Hofbrauhaus. We talked home brew stories. Pretty cool.

That was the weekend, and this Wednesday I had some fun activities, also. (Funner than my average week, trust me.)

First up was the Emil Bach House, which is periodically open for public tours in Rogers Park. It was beautiful!

Then in the evening, I met up for hot dogs with my buddy Jackie at Superdawg in Wheeling. It's a funny little hot dog drive-in with some weird statutes on the roof.

I had always wanted to go because I had read about it in the book "Weird Illinois." I finally got my Superdawg.

Jackie and her kid were especially cute that day, with his adorable little glasses. Gotta soak in summer while we've got it.

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