Saturday, November 16, 2013

First day at Hogwarts

Having recently visited Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I felt the urge to re-watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  I started thinking about the world of Harry Potter, and I got a chuckle while imagining the following scenario:

* First day at Hogwarts, Harry's 6th Year *

Amelia Quackenbush:  "Hi guys! I'm a new student at Hogwarts!"

Lalla Zivan:  "Hi!  Welcome to Hufflepuff, I'm the House Prefect!  Let me show you around.  Oh, by the way, our house is above the kitchen in an imitation of a badger's hole, so get used to that."

Amelia:  "Oh, OK.  I heard it got a little dangerous at school last year, is everything safe this year?"


Lalla:  "Oh god, no.  HAH!  No.  Our house has suffered severe casualties, so here is this red shirt just to get you going.  We don't really want to get to know anyone very well, because everyone's probably just going to die next year."

Amelia:  [Starts crying]

Lalla:  "And just so you know, one of us is probably Voldemort."

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