Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Workout update

OK, so normally I don't do posts about workouts, but I am really proud of myself today!  I went to the gym even though I was super tired, and I did a weight circuit for leg strength.

I had marked the leg press / squat for an increase last time, so I brought it up to 140 - or so I thought.  I accidentally set it at 170 - but I didn't have any problem lifting that for 12 reps (in three sets)!  So I guess that mistake shows me that I had underestimated myself.

Also, can I go on a bit of a rant - what is with people just sitting on weight machines, not lifting, with their headphones on?  Yes, they may be resting between sets, but some of these people are "resting" for like five minutes.  Ahh, no.  Time to move on!  I need to get better at staring / shaming them.

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