Thursday, December 20, 2012

Craft day

I took a day off work yesterday and stayed home to work on many craft projects in my queue at the moment.  First on the list was to finish a pair of Star Wars figures for a winner of my leukemia walk raffle:

I am a huge fan of the R2D2.  C3PO is OK, but nothing is as cool as R2!  Of course, he did take a long time to make, but his details turned out awesome, and his arms even move!

I also quickly knitted up a wine bottle hat and scarf set - it's just something I thought would liven up my usual gift of wine to Grandma.  I got the pattern from a Knit-a-Day pattern calendar a friend got me last year.  And people are already wanting some, but I am directing them to Etsy, which has many sellers making them for around $10.

My friend Diane came over to craft with me, and she kept busy, too!  She made a skirt out of fabric I bought for myself some time ago at JoAnn.  It is so adorable that I wore it today despite the fact that we are apparently going to be in a snowstorm by 3 p.m.!

Clearly she and I are very productive crafters and need to get together to do this stuff more often.

I also saw some beautiful red and black fabric that I'd love to make something out of for my sister, but I'd like to get better at sewing and maybe sew a skirt for myself to make sure I don't suck at it.

And now Christmas is coming up this weekend, and the plan is to stay busy crafting with my mom every day.  Maybe I will even get through most of the Star Wars figurine set that I owe to another friend who won the raffle.  (Maybe.)

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