Thursday, April 05, 2012

The more things change...

I am thrilled to announce that I have a job at Northwestern University, and although it is starting out as a part-time thing, it sounds like I should be going full-time in a few months.  I'm with the trusts & estates area of the Development Office, which basically processes alumni gifts that are made in the form of a will, trust, insurance policy, etc.  It is really interesting, everyone is really nice, and I am so glad I found something at a non-profit university where my degree is a plus (and not a minus).

The funny part is that tonight I went to my annual DePaul Law Review Alumni event, where we meet with all classes of the Law Review and award a distinguished alumni.  I had worried I would feel ashamed (given my recent employment worries) at not being more successful since graduating.  When I was walking in, I realized that I am really, really proud to have been an active, published member of the DePaul Law Review and its board.  That is something no one will ever be able to take away from me, even if I never again practice law.  I have my article (on Westlaw and in libraries!) and I have my contribution to student authors.  I was a part of something with great people, and it was a fantastic time in my life.

During the event, there was a lot of talk about what it means to be a lawyer and to have a career in the law.  I realized that I don't have to totally leave behind everything about the law.  I will always have my knowledge and experience, and of course the people I met.  Hanging out with my successful classmates, I was able to introduce everyone to judges and justices that I met during my tenure at court, and I realized that never in my wildest childhood dreams did I ever think that I would be rubbing elbows with the likes of these people.

Life is good.

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