Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last day downtown

I have been commuting to downtown Chicago since shortly after I began writing this blog six years ago.  In every season, in every weather, and in good times and bad, I have bought my month passes and dutifully walked miles every day around this fair city.

That time has come to an end, at least for the time being.  I have taken a position in the Development Office of Northwestern University's Evanston campus - a job I could not be more thrilled to have.  And I do love Evanston.  But there's just something about Chicago.

I think I will miss three things the most.  First, I will miss taking the train with Dave every day and doing my Sudoku and crossword puzzles.  

Second, I will miss running into people on the street and being able to attend free social drinking events at DePaul or the Chicago Bar Association.  

And third (and most dire), I will sorely miss my Daley Center farmers' markets.  I know that Palatine and Evanston have markets, but I developed a rapport and familiarity with the vendors at the Daley Center, and I will miss them.  (Of course, I can always send Dave to buy peaches for me...  And where else can I find Cox's Orange Pippin apples?!)

Now I think I will iterate some stories from these crazy years:

The first time the Drum Bum yelled "We got DePaul in the house!" when he saw me approaching.

The time that the "peach people" told me that they call me "the peach lady."

Cupcakes with Judge McGing.

The time the "Happy Wednesday!" bum walked with me on Madison Street and called me "sunshine," all while asking me what my problem was and why I wouldn't give him any money.

Drinks with Chad during law school, missing about five trains, and forgetting to tell Dave that I missed the trains (so Dave went to the station to pick me up anyway).

Oral arguments at the Appellate Court.

Drinks at Sonnenschein in the Sears Tower.

Coogan's with Judge Rogers.

Studying for the bar exam in Millennium Park.

Monthly lunches with Diane.

Untold numbers of people getting hit by trains and screwing up my commute.

The time there was a bomb threat at the Daley Center and hiding out in a law friend's firm until it blew over.

Interviewing at law firms in virtually every building in the Loop, and getting rejected from all of them (except for my clerkship at Peck Bloom).

Epic snowstorm during first year of law school that almost prevented me from turning in a legal writing final.

The time I bought 20 lb. of tomatoes from the Federal Plaza farmers' market and lugging them around town all day.

The after-finals party, first semester of first year of law school.

Graduation at the Civic Opera House.

Taking the bar exam at Loyola Law School near Watertower Place.

Burgers at Epic Burger and Hackney's.

Mid-term drinks during first year of law school with a certain unnamed professor at DePaul who told us that he could "drink us all under the table" because he is "Jewish and deviant."

The Blackhawks rally in 2010, which I watched from the 11th floor of the Daley Center.

Random weirdos on the Metra, including a guy who shouted "Shut the f**k up, lady!" to someone on her cell phone, as well as a guy having an argument with his wife:  "Not now, I'm on the train...  GodDAMNIT, Becky!"

Monthly meetings with my lawyer mentor circle, where I learned a lot about the kind of work I want to be doing as a lawyer (and more specifically, the kind I don't ever want to do).

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, but this is a pretty good sample of my experiences.  (And looking back, I'm realizing that I should probably take Dave's advice and not engage with bums so directly...)  

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