Sunday, April 08, 2012


I have been into making crocheted brain coral lately for my friends' kids.  I got the idea from this book, Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes, which, as you may guess, is NOT available at most area libraries.  Sheesh.  It's like most people aren't out crocheting hyperbolic planes in their spare time.

The first one I did was a variegated chenille-type yarn for my friend Julie's baby. It is really fun to move around the curves and play with it, so much fun that the adults at the party had more fun with it than the baby did!  (Or at least I should say that the adults wouldn't let the poor baby have it.)

I should also mention that this is the second mathematic-related design I have made for this particular baby, who was also the recipient of a dodecahedron (which I somehow have forgotten to blog).  So I am basically trying to turn this kid into a math major.

The next one is the same yarn as the first, except the base color was yellow instead of variegated, and I added an edging in the same peach that I used for the kid's blanket.

I am a big fan of this one.  I am also realizing the potential for these things as stash-busters, which if you aren't a crochet or knitting enthusiast, I won't bore you with.  Suffice it to say that I have a bunch of ends of yarn and they could all go into one of these!

If you want to make one yourself, go to this link and make the red pseudosphere (middle bottom on the second page).  Basically what I did is this:

Chain 4, join.

Chain 1, sc 6 in ring.  Do not join.

2 sc in ea st, FOREVER.  (Or until you run out of yarn.)


Anonymous said...

I don't see a link - mom

Valerie said...

Whoops! It is fixed now.