Thursday, February 02, 2012


I don't pretend that there are very many people who read this blog, but I thought I would let my few readers know that I am going on hiatus for a bit.  You might have noticed that I haven't published any posts for a few weeks, and this isn't because I'm lazy or I've been hibernating.  I'm going through a rough patch, and there are some things that are happening in my life right now that I just can't post about. 

Don't worry; everyone is healthy (except for Dad, but he's still kickin' it), I just have to take a break.  I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

hey i hope evey things all right i love your blog ^-^ jazz

Anonymous said...

I also love your blog. Hang in there. When the going gets know the rest. You are one of the smartest, motivated, strong people I know. You have lots of people around you to support you, comfort you. Use them.
Love you...Mom