Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knitted glovelets

I've been obsessed with knitted, fingerless gloves lately. Here are some of the ones I've made:

This was the first pair, in Lion Brand Amazing yarn. The color is Aurora. I love this yarn because it slowly changes color and has really vivid accents.

My next two sets are also Lion Brand Amazing yarn, but the color for both sets is Glacier Bay. When you see them, you will be surprised that all four came from the same yarn, same dye lot.

The above set is for a coworker and the below set is for me:

The pattern is from the Knitting 102 class running right now at my JoAnn store.

I use double-pointed needles, size 8, and cast on 39. Work in a K2, P1 rib pattern for two inches. Add a thumb hole by casting off two stitches in one row, then casting on two stitches in the same place on the next row. Work until the piece measures 8 inches total.

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