Monday, November 07, 2011

I'm back (plus five)

Anyone who follows my blog may have noticed that I haven't posted much in a while, with the exception of documenting my New York trip. Which I did after-the-fact. I plan on remedying this soon with more crochet patterns and knitting projects!

For example, I just completed two sets of fingerless gloves that I will post about soon, and I'm starting on my first sweater ever! (Well, first adult and non-cardigan sweater ever.) I'm still in the gauge swatch phase, but I will be getting going on it soon.

I also have some more chart projects that I need to work on and post. Looking at my Ravelry following has really bolstered me on this one - almost 200 people have favorite-d my Pac-Man dish cloths and my leapfrog scarf, which is pretty cool. More is on the way.

For now, I wanted to pass on a meme that I saw on another blog. On Kate Takes 5, the author posts lists that you can re-post. This week's was Top 5 Famous Folk I Used to Fancy. Here are mine.

5. Val Kilmer

When "Batman Forever" came out, I didn't even know it was the same guy from "Willow." But I was hooked. P.S. This dude has not aged well.

4. Brad Pitt


3. Tom Cruise

What can I say, these were the days before Oprah's couch.

2. Richard Gere

I had a huge thing for him in 8th grade until I realized the dude was already 50.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

OK, so maybe I still kind of fancy him.


21st Century Mummy said...

Ooh yes, I love all of those guys on your list.

kate said...

I have never got the Richard Gere thing at all. Interesting list and I can understand Leonardo as reminds me of someone real that I used to fancy lots

Kate said...

Not a bad list as they go - kudos to you for having Brad in there. *Swoon* Thanks for joining in.

* Valerie * said...

I was going to put Christian Slater on there, but I realized that Val Kilmer was a much greater crush. Plus, there are no photos of Christian Slater not looking like an idiot.

Aly said...

No, don't get the thing for Richard, Tom or Brad.I'm kicking myself for forgetting Val.