Saturday, August 06, 2011

Summer of weddings: part 3

Yesterday was wedding 3 of the summer: my cousin Jeremy's wedding to Liz, his bride. We were at a country club where another cousin of mine (on my dad's side, Nikki) got married a few years ago, and the venue was just as lovely as I remembered!

The wedding ceremony was outdoors in the back of the club house. My judge officiated, which was really fun to watch. I've seen him perform weddings at City Hall before, but Jeremy and Liz had some more elaborate vows that they had him read.

I also did a reading, a poem selected by the happy couple. My judge introduced me as his law clerk, and I added that I am also Jer's cousin!

I thought their colors and decorations were beautiful, and Liz's dress and hair were very lovely. I especially thought that the side-swept hair was really original.

Because I'm leaving my current job for a clerkship with the appellate court, this was kind of like a last hurrah for me and my judge. I was offered a new job last week, and my last day with my current judge will be August 19. (Sniff!)

We headed upstairs for the reception and I got to pow-wow with my mom's family. Everyone was asking about my dad, who was hospitalized about a week and a half ago with pneumonia and who has started another round of chemotherapy. My parents weren't able to attend the wedding because he can't be around so many people with his weakened immunity.

The couple picked great songs and everyone did a lot of dancing! For the first few oldies, it was pretty much just my family up there, but slowly more people came up.

Jer wasn't kidding me about the food - they served steak, chicken, a twice-baked potato, and cake! And that's not counting the extra dessert table. (Going to so many weddings this summer is like constantly being on a cruise...)

One of my favorite parts of the evening was the anniversary dance, where married couples get slowly picked off of the dance floor by anniversary date. We made a better run of it this year, which will be our sixth anniversary, but the couple who won it had been married 33 years, so I guess we have a ways more to go until we get to "win." (Incidentally, it was also my parents' 33rd anniversary this year, so they would have "won" with the other couple, had they been there.)

It was a great night with family, and we're super happy for Jer and Liz. I'll continue to post updates about my Dad, so keep your fingers crossed for him.

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