Monday, July 11, 2011

Ski Free Monster / Yeti

Drumroll please...

Ski Free yeti! This is the monster that kills you in the early PC game Ski Free if you take too long to complete the game. After he eats you, he strikes two poses, dancing back and forth, and these charts represent the poses.

Angry yeti:

Devious yeti:

It's tough to know what to call this guy, because some people call him a monster and others call him a yeti. When I was playing Ski Free, I called him, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! OH MY GOD, HE JUST ATE MEEEEEE!!!!!"

Each chart is 40 pixels wide, so you would chain 41 if you are crocheting, or cast on 40 if you are knitting. I did the border in black, but I left it light gray so you could count the pixels more easily.

I have been planning to give most of my previous creations away...but I don't think I can part with these.


Dave Musser said...

Great, now I can rekindle all those childhood memories of fear and helplessness while I wash dishes! Thanks, dear.

(No, seriously, this is awesome.)

stove said...

I love it! I had forgotten about the game until I saw this! Thanks for the pattern!