Sunday, May 08, 2011

Joliet ironworks hike

We only needed to log 5 miles today, so we decided to walk part of it at the Joliet Ironworks on the way to my parents' house, then walk the remainder with my mom in the afternoon. It's a hike I did with my family a long time ago, and Dave has been eager to see it.

The whole thing is basically the industrial ruins left behind after the close of the Joliet steel mills early in the 20th century.

You'll be looking into some rubble and concrete and there'll be a sign pointing out the forges, engines, etc. that used to work there.

The whole thing is also set right behind the old Joliet prison, pictured in the background above.

The hike was really cool, and although it was only two miles, so we walked another two miles with my mom at my parents' house after lunch. It was Mother's Day today, of course, so we came down to hang out with Mom and cook her a nice meal. Dad got the steaks, I got the potatoes, and Dad grilled it all.

I've got a busy week ahead, but my Avon Walk fundraising has been going really well. I've got a lot of generous friends and family, and it's going to be such an amazing walk to know that I'm supported by a wonderful network.

Oh, and P.S., this coming weekend is going to be 22 miles on Saturday, 10 on Sunday. Yikes.

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