Friday, May 13, 2011

Basement shelves: done!

We finally finished painting the shelves that my dad (and Dave!) installed in the basement. Photo goodness:

Dad designed these shelves to abut the staircase wall. You can see that he also had to design some strategic holes for the pipes sticking out of the wall. Dave and Dad installed most of the shelves in one day, then Dave installed some supports alone, and then we primed and painted them.

The primer was this stuff called Gripper, which was insanely good. The paint is Behr interior semi-gloss, tinted to "Almond Toast." Whatever that is.

The bunny has been enjoying hanging out with us while we paint, and I'll definitely be enjoying putting stuff on the shelves so that the bunny stops destroying it. We have a lot of stuff in our basement from the move, so it's time to start going through it all and organizing. I'm hoping that most of it fits on these wonderful shelves!

Thanks, Dad, for all your help and hard work! (And for letting us borrow your power tools!) And thanks also goes to Dave, who did a lot of work on the supports, and who endured painting for days. Not his favorite activity or mine, but I think they look fantastic!

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