Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow day

Today court was closed because of the massive hit of snow that the entire Chicago area took. Dave worked from home and I got to stay home and work on home stuff. I cooked breakfast (shirred eggs), lunch (spaghetti with sautéed onions), and dinner (barbecue chicken and beans).

I thought I'd add some fun photos that I took from the house. Here's our back porch view onto the golf course, with a large drift in front:

Here's the view from the kitchen window:

Our poor bush is laden with much, much snow. The association guys came to shovel our driveway and walkway twice: once last night, and once this afternoon.

The roof is covered with about a foot of snow, and now that all the walkways are shoveled, it's about three feet on each side. We saw some neighbors trying to dig out their cars today, but we didn't even bother. Our Honda is probably buried into next week. (Notice how you can't even see it in this picture...)

So, court is cancelled tomorrow and I have another day with Dave to work on the townhome. I didn't get many snow days at DePaul, but you've got to love them when they happen.

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