Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Lakes Brew Fest

Yesterday Dave and I went to the Great Lakes Brew Fest, a pretty awesome outdoor beer tasting in Racine, Wisconsin. I had read about the fest at the Dairy State Beer & Cheese Festival earlier this year.

Racine is about an hour and a half away, but it is worth it to attend a festival such as this. They had quite a few brewers, including one of our favorites, New Glarus Brewing Co. We got to try a delicious seasonal wheat beer from them, Stone Soup, as well as Raspberry Tart, a berry beer. I don't usually do berry beers, but this one almost tasted like a mead or sparkling berry wine.

Oh, and Dave picked up a pretzel necklace. Sighhhh.

Another favorite from this tasting was Bell's, who produces some hoppy beers that we both liked - Hopslam and Two-Hearted Ale. They also produce a wheat beer that I've had before, Oberon, although I can't think where. Another new one was Capital Brewing, a Madison-based company that we're doing a tour of when we visit in October.

We tried a great many beers and had some fantastic people-watching, as there were many kilt- and tie-dyed-bedecked folks afoot. (And some pretzel necklaces that were far more elaborate than Dave's.) Dave got pretty sauced, and by the time we got back into Chicago for some Indian food on Devon Street, he was in the early stages of hangover. That didn't stop us from rocking the buffet.

Somehow, we picked ourselves off of the floor and played some whirlyball with my softball team. We had never played before, but it was pretty fun. Once you got the hang of it and managed to stop running into other people in the bumper cars, you could actually play. (Sort of.) My problem was that no matter how many times I got the ball and was perfectly placed to shoot, I never made it. Oh well.

Anyway, today we took it easy and made a bunch of awesome food with friends to relive our Paris trip last year. I think I can't drink for another week to recover from the brew fest.

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