Sunday, May 16, 2010

Softball practice

The Fighting Pacifists, my softball team, had our last weekend practice before games start next Sunday. Dave came out to watch, and we got to play some catch and practice infield play and batting.

I am decent at batting, as I can generally hit at least a ground ball to the left infield. I'm getting better at putting power behind the bat and getting it further out. The biggest area I needed help (and still need practice) with is throwing. As Dave said, I throw like a girl. Normally, this would be fine and probably expected, except that I've been working out and lifting weights for several months, so I really can put power behind the ball - I just need better form.
I was really impressed with my teammates' performance at practice! We've got some real ringers, and everyone is improving. And, of course, it was awesome to be outside for a few hours on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I'm excited for our first game on Sunday - I need to get some shorts or something and buy up the sun screen!

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