Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day & softball practice

Today was Mother's Day, so of course I came down to the southwest suburbs to hang out with my mom. She and my Aunt Jan were meeting up at my Grandma Smith's house in Tinley Park, so we got to catch up.

I made my mom a card and brought everyone some tasty muffins. I owe my mom a homemade dinner in the future!

After brunch with my mom, I headed up to softball practice with some 'Fists teammates. I got to play a little pitching and first base, and I feel I am improving. Every day I catch the ball a little better and throw the ball a little further (maybe).

I still need to practice more at home with Dave, because my form is a little pathetic. If I could throw reasonably far, I'd feel a little bit more confident about my performance in upcoming games.

Our first game isn't next weekend, but the weekend after that. I will post a schedule somewhere for those of you interested in coming out. So far the practice has been really nice, being outside and hanging out with friends. I'm really glad I signed up!

Afterward we went over to Andy & Jo's for the best dinner (and dessert!) I've had in a while. (See food blog for that post.) When we got back to our neighborhood after dark, I saw something really weird by the side of the road. You know your day has been too long when this is the conversation you have in the car on the way home:

"Hey, did you see that?" - me
"What?" - Dave
"That Arab guy in a wheelchair digging through that person's garbage." - me
"Uhhh..." - Dave

No, really! He was there. I drove back and Dave got to see that he was really there. Still, that doesn't explain WHY he was there...

Anyway, happy mother's day, to my mom and all the moms out there, and hope your day was as fun as mine!

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