Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farmers' market reopens

Today the Daley Plaza farmers' market reopened, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Actually, it was a little sparse, but that's because it's still early in the season, and it was horrible weather.

I picked up some asparagus, including both green and purple varieties!

My coworkers made fun of me for putting it in water at work. I guess they don't think these are as pretty as flowers or deserve as much care, but I do!

I also picked up some dried blueberries from the same vendor, which were very good. A little tarter than raisins, but a little softer flavor than dried cranberries.

But, I'm saving my most exciting find for last: honeycomb.

I haven't eaten honeycomb since I was a kid - the eighth grade weird foods festival, to be exact - and the vendor specifically recommended this honey because it is made from bees who were pollinating thistle. It is very sweet and, as the vendor said, "damn good."

I cut some chunks off of the honeycomb and spread it on bread, and it was amazing. I'm so excited to keep buying this all summer long. Supporting local farmers is really important to me, but supporting honey bee keepers is probably one of the best agricultural pursuits that you can take! I haven't heard if they are still in danger, but they certainly are important to many crops.

Next time I need to pick up some cheese and butter, and of course some herbs and whatever produce is available. Dave goes along with all this like a good sport, but it means he gets to enjoy delicious foods with no effort on his part! For example, I'm going to make roasted asparagus and honeycomb spread on Russian black bread for breakfast! I love summer.

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