Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chocolate fest & bunny time

Today was our first appearance at the Long Grove Chocolate Fest. We've been to the Strawberry Fest many times, and the Apple Fest last fall, but this was our first choco-fest.

It was substantially similar to the other fests, actually, with some additional perks. For example, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered donuts, and fruit kebab fondue are perennial favorites at the Strawberry Fest, and apple donuts and pies are common at the Apple Fest. But, instead of fruit-themed drinks at those other festivals, there were chocolate martinis, chocolate shakes and malts, and other things. There was even a chocolate cannoli at one restaurant.

Dave and I met up with Andy and Joanna and we each had a kebab fondue skewer of a strawberry, rice square, donut, and marshmallow, all covered in chocolate and happily devoured. We also picked up a handful of chocolates from the Long Grove Confectionery Co., which makes very good chocolate treats. I used to have access to their goodness every day downtown, but they closed their location in the Ogilvie Metra station. So I guess I take it when I can get it!

Afterward, Andy and Jo came by our apartment to meet Max, and we took him for a little walk outside.

He was pretty happy. We picked him lots of dandelions and weeds, and he had his fill of free greens. Andy and Jo were quite taken with Max, who generally wins over everyone he meets. Besides, he's usually friendlier to strangers than he is to Dave.

It was a good day, and an especially good day for food. (I forgot to mention that we went to an Indian buffet for lunch and I made bean and veggie tacos for dinner tonight. Mmm.) Now to wait until the Strawberry Fest, which is the last weekend in June, for those of you keeping track. Hope to see you there!

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