Friday, April 09, 2010

New and old

This week has been a flurry of new things for me, obviously with adjusting to a new job. I've learned all kinds of things about court procedure, but also all kinds of things about what really not to do in Chicago. I have the feeling I'll know the Municipal Code very well after a while at this.

However, this week I also unexpectedly came across something old - something I haven't thought about in years. S'MORES POP TARTS!!

OK, I know I will sound weird when I say this, but I virtually never buy any food at 7-11, gas stations, or even other convenience stores like Walgreens. But I happened to be hiding out in a 7-11 to wait for Dave to pick me up the other night. I walked up and down the aisles reading the ridiculous fat and calorie content of brand-name foods, and lo and behold, I ran upon a familiar face.

I must have eaten these almost every week in high school. Mmmmmmmm. We don't own a toaster, so I haven't had them in years, but my new job has one, so guess what. I was bad and bought a package.

Maybe buying Pop Tarts and shopping in convenience stores isn't out of the ordinary for many Americans, but it was unusual for me, since I typically make my own granola and bake my own coffee cakes. Still, I'm actually really excited to have my Pop Tarts. I won't buy them often, but they're a nice blast from the past.

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