Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beer & cheese festival

Today we had a big dose of Wisconsin at the Dairy State Beer & Cheese Festival. I had read about the festival in the Tribune, and Faron was brave enough to venture up with us.

The event was held at the Brat Stop, a nice little sausage and cheese restaurant / shop at one of the Kenosha stops off of I-94. Basically it's a huge beer tasting with free cheese. Val likey.

There was a huge room of nationally known brews, and then a smaller room of home and micro-brews. Faron really enjoyed a cherry weiss beer, for example! And we all enjoyed some dill cheese curds, butterkaese, and beer cheese spread on crackers. I'd say the event was definitely worth $30, and proceeds went to charity!

Well, we were right in Kenosha, so we couldn't just leave without stopping at the Mars Cheese Castle.

We each picked up some spreadable cheese and crackers, and Dave and I also got some bacon / onion cheese curds, fire-roasted salsa, gorgonzola, and manchego. I'm pretty excited to break open that gorgonzola... Looks like our belts will have to make room for some creamy gorgonzola pasta this week!

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