Thursday, April 15, 2010

Max goes out, wimps out

I took the bunny out for his second walk of the spring season, and he had some fun eating, but I think he's still a little freaked out.

Our house is right off of 53, so there are a lot of cars and motorcycles driving by and making a lot of noise. Further, the cars and people in the parking lot kind of wigged him out, as did the birds in the trees. And the creaking fence that surrounds the dumpster.

So, as a result, bunny took refuge in his momma, namely hiding under my leg.

Sighhhh. He still doesn't understand how big - and safe - he is. He used to be pretty easy going about walks though, so I probably just need to get him used to them again.

When he gets going, he really enjoys eating:

What a little cutie. I can't wait to keep taking him out this spring / summer and fattening him up on free grass, clover, and dandelion. Speaking of free I've been getting free lettuce from a produce market nearby because they throw away all the spare leaves. I have brought home two big bags of romaine, cabbage, and fennel in the past week, and even though I look a little weird at the produce market, it saves a lot of money on bunny lettuce!

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