Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lakewood hike

Today was another semi-nice day out, so I decided to go on another hike. This time I went just north of Lake Zurich to the Lakewood Forest Preserve Loop, a horse riding trail that you can also walk.

The trail started off nicely with a beautiful lake to my left.

I watched some ducks fly around and moved on. At the first turn, almost immediately I saw another deer friend on the trail.

He hopped off happily with his tail in the air. Apparently he didn't like me as much as the one in the Deer Grove hike.

Right after I met my deer friend, I walked next to the south side of the lake I'd seen earlier. The lake is supposed to have herons at certain times of year, but all I saw were some Canada geese.

Still, it was a nice scene.

I stayed on the trail for another few hundred feet, and then I think I made a wrong turn. In fact, I knew I made a wrong turn, because the descriptions in the book no longer made any sense. I walked through some woods, prairie, and marsh, all the while avoiding large hunks of horse poo. I was wondering whether the trail would actually be used by equestrians at this time of year, but I soon had my answer.

The hike ended sooner than it should have, because of getting lost. The book had said that it was easy to get lost, but I guess I underestimated the trail's sneaky nature. I'd like to bring Dave back, because it really is a nice little hike, but I need second opinions with which way to turn on some of those trail junctions. (Although, in nice weather I'm sure there will be even more horse poo, and that it will be even more noticeable than it was today. Oh well.)

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