Monday, March 22, 2010

Bunny surgery success

We had the bunny's neuter surgery today, and he is fine and recovering. I love my vet, so I wasn't worried, but there is always anxiety whenever you put a bunny under a knife. (Especially since losing both Zelda and Moby late last year.)

In addition to the surgery, Max had his first checkup today, and my vet proclaimed him in excellent health. I warned her that he doesn't like to be picked up, and when she came back after weighing him, she said, "Wow, you weren't kidding." So, I don't know what he did to terrorize my vet, but he did something.

Oh, and he only weighed in at 11.25 pounds, which was kind of less than I thought he was, but then again, he'd hardly eaten anything this morning, so he is probably more like 12 pounds as a general rule.

I picked him up a couple of hours ago and he's been out of it, but I've heard him munching on his lettuce (when he's not using it as a pillow). The vet tech said he fell asleep eating some cilantro when he was in the vet's recovery kennel, so I guess everyone thought that was pretty cute. So my bunny is recovering, and now hopefully he'll be less territorial. Crossed fingers!

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