Tuesday, March 16, 2010

End of my days at the Opera House

As most of you know, I've been working as a document reviewer at Krislov & Associates, a firm located in the Civic Opera Building. The case I was working on settled today, so discovery is over and I went home.

The timing is good, because it gives me some days off before I start the new job, allowing me to relax and get the bunny neutered. (These things are probably more connected than you realize.)

I knew that my work there was coming to an end one way or another, so I actually had brought a camera to work today to take pictures of my favorite thing about working in the opera building: the elevators.

Each elevator in the office section of the Civic Opera Building has beautiful opera music playing constantly, and each has a different hand-painted ceiling. Some of them make sense, like this one:

Sure, some flying music sheets makes sense in an opera building. But what about bowling pins and an apple?

Who knows. The same goes for this one, with some paper airplanes:

But, my favorite one is of a trapeze artist in a sparkling suit:

Another one includes a painted cherub scene, and even though there are five others, I forget them at the moment. It's crazy how quickly I forget, even though I'm sure I've taken each of the ten elevators during my two months at Krislov & Associates.

At any rate, my time there is over, and I enjoyed the assignment. Now to get my drug test and get on over to the housing section of the Daley Center!

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