Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy weekend; recovering husband

Dave got his wisdom teeth out yesterday, and he's been doing very well in recovery. He was surprisingly "with it" after the surgery, and I brought him to my parents' house, where we applied ice packs to him all day.

I like this picture because it reminds me of me when I had mine done - I was on the same couch, with ice packs on my swollen face. Poor Dave. Anyway he's recovering nicely, and I'm trying to feed him as much as possible. Yesterday he had lots of mushy stuff: two bowls of oatmeal, a bowl of chocolate pudding, and a bowl of applesauce. Then, in the evening, he had some chicken, some Hamburger Helper, and some of my guacamole salad.

Today he can eat anything, but we're keeping it safe - more oatmeal, soup, etc. Plus I have a lot of soup on hand, and he'll enjoy some nice roasted potato fennel soup this afternoon.

Thus, it's been a lazy weekend, with me playing nurse to poor Dave. Someone else has been relaxed lately, too.

This bunny is nuts.

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