Friday, January 22, 2010

First few days on the job

I landed a long-term temp. job for the next few weeks / months, and I thought I'd blog about my first two days on the job. I'm working at a plaintiff's class action firm, where I'm doing document review for a large pharmaceutical lawsuit. I have my own cubicle and window, where I look out on Wacker Drive.

In my document review, I'm coming across strange new terms, though, and they're kind of grossing me out. For example, "occult cancer," which sounds like something that involves a voodoo doll, and also "mucosal bleeding," which is terrifying sounding.

All in all, the job is interesting and it's nice to be out of the house and back downtown again - and earning money to boot! I'm still working on my independent cases, as well as my pro bono guardian and divorce cases. All is moving along in the legal world of Val!

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