Sunday, December 06, 2009

ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo

Last night, Dave and I visited the Lincoln Park Zoo for the first time - ever - as part of the ZooLights show. The zoo is open late with the beautiful light show every weekend (and some weekdays) through the end of the year.

The light show was amazingly impressive. Some of the tree lights, like the one above, felt like walking through a coral reef. Then again, some of the light sculptures, like the one at left, were a little bit creepy.

We also got to visit the animals at night, which was different than any other time I've been to any zoo. Some of the animals seemed to know that it was past their bed time, like this sand cat.

The monkeys in the Primate House were really neat, especially Tiffany's perennial favorite, Brazilian titi monkeys. They're tiny little guys that jump around on trees like my other favorite, tamarin monkeys.

Their little faces are so cute!

We also visited one of my favorite exhibits of any zoo - the penguins. Lincoln Park Zoo has a variety of penguins, but I liked these three guys, who were sunning themselves under the lamp like they were surfing.

They seriously just stood like that for many minutes on end!

After walking around all the exhibits, we finally found the line of Christmas trees that I'd seen online and in the Chicago Tribune article.

As the lights are musically timed, it was actually really hard to get a picture of them all lit up like this. I caught this on one note of the Charlie Brown Christmas special theme. Dave was impressed.

Another tree I really liked was this awesome candy cane tree.

I loved the entire exhibit, and even though it was really cold, we had a really good time. It was our second time going out in the cold - in Lincoln Park - in one day. But it was a good introduction to the zoo, especially since Tiffany had been there many times before.

Today I have some crochet and knitting classes, but otherwise not much to do. Not having to write 1,667 words per day is a very freeing thing!

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