Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sworn in!

Today was the swearing in ceremony for all new Illinois attorneys at McCormick Place in Chicago. It's the day when all the attorneys who passed the July bar come out and take an oath to uphold the values of the court.

Dave, my sister, and her boyfriend came to support me and watch me take the oath! My parents weren't able to because they have already taken off so much time recently for my mom's eye surgeries.

Naturally, I ran into lots of law folks there, and we took the opportunity to get a photo op in all our fancy clothing.

Look at how nice we look! Wouldn't you want to hire these people to be your attorneys?

It was really good to have Dave and Michelle there to support me. She and Adam came up from downstate just to hang out with a bunch of lawyers in the morning!

There was another little victory today: I don't know if you can tell from these photos, but I have lost a bit of weight recently, and my suit is kind of big on me now. That's good news for my waistline, but bad news for my wallet. It means I need to buy a new suit!

The swearing in took place in a large ballroom, which was so big that they needed jumbo-trons to keep us all in the loop.

Various bar associations and distinguished attorneys gave speeches on professional responsibility and conduct, and more than a few times were the names "Abraham Lincoln" and "Barack Obama" dropped as prime examples of the heights to which an Illinois attorney can soar. (Of course, most of us would just be happy with full-time jobs at this point! We'll get to "president" later.)

So now I have my license, and I can practice law in the State of Illinois!

I'm excited to embark upon my new career, and I'm working hard to ensure that it happens as soon as possible. Thanks for the support!


Meesh said...

Hey Val- congrats on 2 things:
1) well getting sworn in of course! we all knew you could do it ;)
2) your recent weight loss- you looked amazing in your professional attire (i guess it's your law-SUIT HAHA!)

You are a very talented, caring, and intelligent woman- never forget that, no matter how bad this economy sucks!

Sara Sherman said...

The picture of you and your friends is very nice, and yes, I would hire any of you if I could. You look great in your suit, like Chelle said, congrats on the weight loss.
Keep having a positive attitude, you will get something....opportunities are out there, and the cream will rise to the top for them, and you are definitely cream.
Again, congrats, and sorry I couldn't be there. Mom