Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Almost famous...sort of

Yesterday I attended an event, Attorneys in Transition, in downtown Chicago. They gave us a lot of really good networking tips, as well as advice on how to start our own firm, if we ever want to do that. It's something I'm still thinking about, though I'd still like to try practicing in a firm first.

At the event, they handed out lots of freebies, including free volumes of the 2008-09 Sullivan's Law Directory and last month's edition of Chicago Lawyer magazine.

I glanced through the pages and saw that they had features on every Chicago law school, including DePaul Law. I took a closer look at their featured photograph and did a double take.

I'm in there! This was taken (with our knowledge) in a real estate transactions class last fall with Prof. Ellen Gutiontov. Seated in a row are Ed, me, and Chad. Can you find us?

Anyway I thought this was pretty fun. Every subscriber has now seen my photograph, even if they didn't know it! Maybe it will send subliminal messages to employers to hire me... At least, I can always hope.

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