Monday, October 19, 2009

Max's first leash excursion

I took Max out for his first walk today, and he took to the leash pretty well! (Look at those big ears!!)

I took him out to a grassy hill in my apartment complex. I thought he would enjoy the unlimited grass - and he did! He walked around demolishing a yard radius of delicious green grass, and even spitting out a few dead leaves. (Everything gets sucked into his mouth when he's eating.)

As I said, he did really well on the leash, and at first, the only thing that spooked him was a low-flying airplane.

However, after my neighbor came out with a very vigorous cocker spaniel, Max became irrevocably spooked and we had to go inside. He was flinging himself around on the leash so much that he almost choked himself, poor little guy.

But we will make it out again soon - the more grass we feed him, the less lettuce we have to buy!

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