Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Hustle 5k!

Dave and I ran a 5k this morning in Palatine: the Halloween Hustle. This is a race where about one third of the participants dress up for Halloween.

I did the easiest costume I could think of - UPS guy. I have had my beloved UPS shirt since high school, and it is always comfy. I was feeling kind of crappy, so I planned on walking. Dave's goal was to go under 36 minutes; mine was just to finish and not get too utterly wet. (Yes, it was raining.)

I tried to run for a bit, but I couldn't keep up with Dave for more than about a quarter mile. I met up with people along the way and walked mostly.

Others dressed up a bit more elaborately than me, including this banana and monkey combo:

I also ran into this elaborate Bears fan get-up, who wanted people to kick the Packers dog that he was dragging behind him.

In the end, it did rain, but I used my UPS box to shelter my head for the most part. Dave met me in the last part of the 5k, and he told me the good news: he finished in almost exactly 30 minutes.

I was not quite so fast; I made it in about 51. I am actually fairly fit right now, but I wasn't feeling very good today. I had some asthma this morning and I think I'm getting a cold, so I barely ran at all. Maybe next time I'll be better!

We're continuing the Halloween theme of the weekend with a horror movie marathon tonight at a law friend's place. We'll see how far I get in before I wuss out!

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