Friday, October 02, 2009

And there was much rejoicing.

Tonight was Festiv-Ale, a really awesome beer tasting event that is also a really important fundraiser for cystic fibrosis. Dave and I tasted tons of beers from around the country, although one of our favorites is the Sunshine Wheat from New Belgium.

The event is super fun, and I think word must be getting around, because it was amazingly crowded this year. Good news for cystic fibrosis fundraising!

I also got a chance to give Tiffany a present - a brain slug from "Futurama." It was a really easy project, and it may end up being part of her Halloween costume.

After Festiv-Ale, I was feeling pretty tipsy, so we met up with other recent law graduates (and bar passers!) at a Lincoln Square bar for some post-bar-passage celebration. It was good to see everybody again, and I ended up getting even tipsier.

Luckily Dave was my designated driver, so I was able to celebrate with friends without a worry! After the bar was pretty calm, and so was the night we found out that I passed, so it was nice to finally really get to celebrate in a group.

Watch out, world - a brand new set of graduates is sworn in on November 5!

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