Thursday, July 23, 2009

A place of my own

The last few days, I've been studying outside, which has really brought joy to my mornings. I wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, and then walk 10 minutes over to this happy little bench on this happy little walk path.

And then I do a few dozen multiple choice questions, check my answers, and evaluate my progress. Bleargh.

But you can't beat the view:

Nice, eh? It's a lake by our condo.

Then I come home for lunch and then do essays while I watch Lakeshore Public Television, with sewing, quilting, and painting shows every afternoon. They're relaxing and really fun. Yesterday was a classic Bob Ross episode involving some "happy clouds" that "live in the sky."

I have been doing well lately, as expected or better in each multiple choice exam. And I've been doing about 20 essay outlines per day, sometimes more. So far I have done about 1,200 multiple choice questions - by Tuesday, when I take the bar, I'll probably have taken a little less than 1,500. Yipes.

I can't wait until this is over.

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