Saturday, May 16, 2009

A winning afternoon

Dave's parents and his friend Larry came in for my graduation weekend, so we took them to Arlington Park race track this afternoon. We bet on six races, and it seemed that we each won a couple.

I won the first race with Bullet from Abroad (8-1 odds), the fifth race with Remember Robin (14-1 odds). Dave won the fourth race with Caffeine Free (6-1 odds) and placed in the sixth race with Sweeten with Gold (10-1 odds). So all of these were pretty good odds, and we came out pretty good! We also placed a few times, but truth be told, I don't remember the races or horse names.

Here's Arch's Arrow, a horse that won in the third race and that I almost bet on, because for the first few races, I had a betting streak on weaponry-related horse names. I decided to stop right when this horse won. Damnit.

And here's Go Go Mojo, the horse I bet on in the same race, who lost. By a lot.

It was a really fun day - it's always more fun when you're winning! And Dave and I came out about $20 ahead, not including the fact that we kept winning enough to cover our next $3 bets for each of six races. Deb won a couple of races, too, and Larry didn't bet at all, but still had fun watching.

Oh, and we all got pretty sunburned, which I think we're still recovering from. It was one of those days where it's chilly and cloudy, but somehow you get sunburned anyway. Usually I prefer to at least get the benefit of warmth from the sun, if I've got to be sunburned, but oh well. At least I won!

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