Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home for the holidays

Finals are over, and that means I'm at my parents' house for Christmas and I have nothing to do but eat, crochet, and read. It certainly is the life.

For the first few days, my parents were dog-sitting my aunt's dog, Buttercup. She is a really sweet dog that likes to cuddle up with you.

She also likes to play with toys. Here's one my dad got her:

It's a strange pig creature that she enjoyed chewing (and playing tug-of-war with) very much.

I have also been crocheting a ton. I made this set for Diane for Christmas, and I also made a scarf for Dave and two other purse gifts for relatives. (Oh, and another hat.) I also have been working on a longtime project: my White Christmas blanket. (It looks just like those gorgeous fur-trimmed outfits they wear in the movie. Photos to follow when finished.)

I have also been cooking quite a bit. Today we had a turkey dinner and I made my Brussels sprouts lardons recipe. Then tonight I made s'more pops, which look delicious:

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone, and have a good holiday season.

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