Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas "break"

I have been in the midst of finals for about a week, and I've got another week to go. Still, one has to put up Christmas decorations sometime, even if one does have finals.

Dave and I put up the Christmas tree tonight, along with various other holiday household decorations. We've got hats for the bunnies, too, so we'll have to subject them to that humiliation another time very soon.

On another positive note, our Christmas cards are almost done, so we should be able to send them out tomorrow or Monday.

We didn't do much shopping this year, as I'm sure funds are as tight with others as they are with us, but I really do hope that I can spend time with as many friends and family this break as possible.

But alas, it is not quite break yet - this is merely a break in finals. Don't expect to hear too much from me until December 18, but be sure to check the food blog for updates and new recipe exploration.

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