Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On the winning team

This summer at work, I helped write a brief to the Illinois Appellate Court for a case that our office has worked on since 1996. The appellate decision came down today, and it was a win for our office and our clients!

The appellate court decision has not been published yet, but it pulled extensively from our brief and explicitly agreed with our position. Further, the court made some jabs at the opposing side, such as hoping that the litigation, which has gone on for 12 years at the plaintiff's insistence, will be over soon.

It felt really good to be part of the team that produced this win. I knew the law was on our side, but seeing it in practice put a spring in my step. Since that first brief, I helped write another, which was filed last week, so we really don't know when to expect a decision.

Now I'm writing a brief to the Supreme Court of Illinois - here's to more victories! (And here's to me getting fantastic legal experience!)

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Sara Sherman said...

Congrats Valerie - sounds great. You are a mover and a shaker! Someday we'll read about you in the paper - hopefully in a good way! Mom