Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The hottest ticket in town

Here it is. The day I have been anxiously awaiting for months. Election Day - it will be, and has been, one wild and crazy ride.

I have been more personally invested in this race than any other in the last eight years of presidential and congressional races. My reason is not just because the Republicans have screwed things up so badly; the main reason for my enthusiasm is Barack Obama and the wonderful race he has run.

I have always wanted to
have a president I could be proud of, and the way Obama has managed his campaign has shown me that he would be a classy, deliberate, and intelligent choice for president.

Dave and I have been proud to support him since his Senate race in 2004. We have supported him with our words and with our dollars since the primaries began. And I will be proud to stand with him tonight, whatever the results.

Beyond our hopes, Dave and I received tickets to the Obama rally in Grant Park tonight. It will be a late, crazy night. But I will always be able to say that I was there.

I will be at the rally from shortly before the polls close until the rally ends, so I don't expect to do another post today; I'll post tomorrow with pictures and stories from the rally. And hopefully, I will be able to do a congratulatory post to You Know Who.

We voted as soon as the polls opened this morning. Even as we arrived at 6:05 a.m., there was already a small line, which is still shocking in this precinct. In the last two elections (2004 & 2006), there has been literally no line whatsoever. To have any line here was a testament to how passionate people have felt about this race on both sides.

Everyone can guess who I voted for in the presidential box, but I did vote for a few non-Dems elsewhere (i.e., Republican and Green candidates). It was fun to see judges and other Daley Center folks up for retention / reelection. Go Dorothy Brown!

I was proud to vote for Barack, and I am so excited to stand with him tonight at the rally and hear the historic election results.

Yes. We. Can.

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Stephanie said...

I think we wore the same shirt today :-D