Friday, October 31, 2008

The Halloween buffet

We had a Halloween pot luck at work today, and we got all kinds of delicious harvest foods.

In fact, we got a lot of orange foods, including everything from corn bread casserole and orange macaroons to cheese balls and actual oranges.

I made cookies 'n' cream ghosts (above) and Rice Krispie treats. The ghosts were made of mashed-up Oreos and cream cheese, then covered with white chocolate.

They were pretty easy to make, but I definitely recommend getting the quick-hardening white chocolate that you can use as candy coating.

Other favorites of mine were some little bug-like sandwich rolls that another coworker made.

We had a mass of food, and I assume it will be gone by the end of the day.

I'm also attending a Halloween party or two in full German beer wench regalia, so I should have some good photos of that for a post tomorrow. Bis morgen, mein freund!

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Meesh said...

omg those ghosts are too cute- they look professional!