Monday, October 27, 2008

A busy Sunday

It looks like this is going to be a six-day work week.

I went over to a west side mental hospital for some work stuff on Sunday, and I have to say, the whole experience was pretty, umm, crazy. I did not enjoy copying files while the nut jobs watched me work and gave me advice on where to eat breakfast. I am not thrilled about having to go back today, but work is work, and it needs to get done.

However, after I was done in the loony bin, I was very excited to head over to Dave & Buster's downtown for a celebration party for Light the Night donors.

We picked up t-shirts from the walk for ourselves and my
parents, including a special one for Dad, as a survivor. I also got some green ribbon pins to represent our support for leukemia patients.

After appetizers and the award ceremony, we got to play for free on some $10 gift cards donated to the event by Dave & Buster's.

We got to play skee-ball, which was a blast from the past. (I beat Dave - woo!) I also beat Dave at this trivia game that gives you tickets. Nobody else wanted to play that game because it is pretty dorky, I guess.

Dave also got to play Galaga, which was actuall
y more difficult than you would think because apparently it was a popular machine. So is the crazy wheel thing at right - I got quite a few tickets with this thing.

Dave kept playing physical games, like basketball and this zombie game. I had to actually wipe sweat off his forehead while he was playing Galaga.

Then he played this weird little game, which looks like you are sitting inside something from the set of Spaceballs. It was kind of a ripoff, but it was something that looked so cool that one of us had to try it.

I was glad I got to spend some time with Dave, since he's leaving for Dallas today for a week.

Can you believe he's leaving me home alone (and scared!) after I go to a haunted amusement park, a haunted house, a haunted cemetery, and two days of work at a damn mental hospital??

Oh well, like I said, work is work. Plus, he will be in Dallas, Texas, so he's going to be pretty scared, too.

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