Monday, October 20, 2008

Fright Fest!

On Sunday, we went to Fright Fest with the law students - my first time going to Fright Fest in all my years of living in the Chicago suburbs. It did not disappoint.

It was so neat to see the all-too-familiar amusement park dressed up for fall and Halloween. Entering the park, you are greeted with a bloody pool of water - a fairly ominous sight when juxtaposed with the happy, white carousel.

Each area of the park was re-named in spooky style and creepy themes, such as the seven deadly sins and...clowns. Ugh. Even Batman the Ride went darker than usual, with strange dead pirate skeletons strewn about the Batmobile display.

We got to ride all of the roller coasters we wanted to, and, speaking of Batman, I even won Ed a coveted Batman cape. He had been eyeing them all day, and I used my patented water pistol game skills to win one for him.

All in all, it was an awesome day. The weather was beautiful, we got to ride our favorite rides, the decorations were amazing, and we even got to go through a haunted house and the "Necropolis," a zombie stomping ground within the park.

Definitely going next year (especially for more $2.82 gas). BWAHAHA!


Sara Sherman said...

Everyone I talk to says Fright Fest is the best. I guess they put the effort into it, and it pays off. Thanks, but no thanks, I'll pass.

Meesh said...

We got $2.29 gas down here!!! I can't believe you've never been to Fright Fest before! But I'm glad you had fun! ;)