Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love of pop

Today is the last day of the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art, so we visited with some law school folks and checked out what Mr. Koons had to show.

I was familiar with some of his work before, but I have to say that this exhibit really impressed m

My favorite area of his work is Celebration, which showcases enormous metallic sculptures that reflect iconic pop imagery. A person-sized "diamond," similar to the one above, was present at the MCA.

This is another piece from the Celebrations line, a two-ton heart modeled after a Christmas ornament. As you can see, this was hanging in the grand gallery of the museum, greeting visitors as they entered and left. Hey, at least it gives me ideas for holiday decorations.

So, add Jeff Koons to my list of favorite contemporary artists - can't wait to see what the MCA has next!

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