Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go for the blue

As you can guess from the content of the last two posts, I have been feeling the crunch of presidential election coverage recently. To reach out and help the local Democratic base, on Thursday night Dave and I volunteered for Carol Javens, a candidate for state representative in the 53rd District.

My friend Andy is running her campaign, so he asked us out to help with administrative stuff around the office. I stuffed envelopes for mailing and Dave entered voter information into a database. It didn't seem like much, but it really helped me to feel like I'm working to make a difference for the Democrats from the ground up.

Obviously, my boy Barack does not need much help campaigning in Illinois. (He had us at "hello.") However, we are thinking of heading up to Wisconsin some weekend with other volunteers to do area canvassing. I will post updates if we do! Go blue!


Andrew said...

Thanks for your help Val! It is always great seeing you and Dave and your help means a lot. It is important that we work to elect Democrats the the Federal and State legislatures to help support Barack's plans. A lot of what he wants to do will require assistance, cooperations and partnership with the states and your help with Carol will make sure that Illinois remains a partner with an Obama Administration! I urge your readers to learn more about Carol, a nurse and mother of a special needs child, by visiting and consider supporting the campaign too with a small donation of $5 or $10 through her website.
Go Blue!

* Valerie * said...

Andy, I'm there for you and all the Democrats. We will kick some ass in November.